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Georges St-Pierre explains why ending retirement for Kamaru Usman is ‘not appealing’

The idea of a fight against Kamaru Usman doesn’t do much for Georges-St Pierre

The reaction to Kamaru Usman’s win over Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 posed an interesting question. How would Usman would fair in a fight against Georges St-Pierre?

Usman (18-1) won the battle of two former teammates this past weekend, overcoming an early knockdown to stop Burns in the third round. The win meant Usman broke GSP’s record for the most consecutive wins in the welterweight division (13).

Given this feat it’s unsurprising that Usman touched on a fight with GSP, stating the former longtime champ could “cut the line” for a title fight.

Talking on Sportsnet’s “The Good Show”, St-Pierre explained why a fight with Usman doesn’t motivate him.

“To go back and give three months of my life in a training camp to get a win over Kamaru Usman doesn’t get me motivated.” St-Pierre said via “I don’t think there’s anything that would get me motivated to go back to competition now. I’m not sure.”

St-Pierre (26-2) is widely considered one of (if not the) greatest fighter of all-time. After four years away from the sport, GSP returned in 2017 and won the middleweight title against Michael Bisping. “Rush” went on to say why a return to the octagon has got less appealing as time goes on.

“Try to put yourself in my shoes and try to come back. First, if I come back to fight Kamaru Usman, I would literally have to leave the country. I would have to bring my coaches somewhere, find a base camp, fly in training partners to get ready for Usman. But leaving my home, I don’t want to do it. I’m healthy, I’m wealthy.

“It’s not appealing to me to lose three months of my life, the stress, to try and get a win over Usman. As time passed by, it’s getting less and less appealing. And I don’t think there’s anybody now that would make me come back. I’m good. I will always train and be in shape.”

St-Pierre is now 39-years-old, and hasn’t fought since he won his second title in as many divisions back in 2017.