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Gina Carano signs movie deal with right-wing political pundit Ben Shapiro

The disgraced Disney star tweeted that her signing with Shapiro was the beginning of a “rebellion.”

Premiere Of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” - Red Carpet Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Less than 24 hours after being fired from Disney’s “The Mandalorian” for a social media post that that likened the experience of Jews during the Holocaust to the U.S. political climate, Gina Carano announced that she signed a movie deal with conservative website The Daily Wire.

According to the announcement, which was first reported at Deadline, Carano will develop, produce and star in an upcoming film that will be distributed to The Daily Wire’s subscribers.

“The Daily Wire is helping make one of my dreams — to develop and produce my own film — come true,” Carano told Deadline. “I cried out and my prayer was answered. I am sending out a direct message of hope to everyone living in fear of cancellation by the totalitarian mob. I have only just begun using my voice, which is now freer than ever before, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

Despite claims that her “rebellion” is due to being canceled by a “totalitarian mob,” Carano’s ouster from Disney was entirely her own doing. Over the past few months, the former MMA fighter has tweeted about QAnon, voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, as well as anti-mask memes and transphobic statements.

Through its partnership with Carano, The Daily Wire, which was founded by right-wing political pundit Ben Shapiro, is presenting itself as a safe haven for controversial conservative voices shunned from Hollywood.

“This is what Daily Wire exists to do,” Shapiro said, “provide an alternative not just for consumers, but for creators who refuse to bow to the mob. We’re eager to bring Gina’s talent to Americans who love her, and we’re just as eager to show Hollywood that, if they want to keep cancelling those who think differently, they’ll just be helping us build the Xwing to take down their Death Star.”

Carano’s unceremonious removal from the Star Wars spinoff show drew support from conservative figures such as Sen. Ted Cruz, as well as far-right hate groups such as The Proud Boys.