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‘All of my fights have been real’ - Jake Paul reveals reason behind Woodley’s $500K KO clause

Jake Paul talks about the $500K knockout bonus that was put in place for Tyron Woodley for their December 18 rematch.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley during their first meeting in August.
Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley during their first meeting in August.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley went to great lengths to get a rematch with Jake Paul. “The Chosen One” not only got what he asked for but he was also promised a $500K bonus if he knocked out “The Problem Child” in their December 18 showdown under Showtime Boxing.

Half a million dollars is quite the motivation for Woodley to get the job done. But for his part, Paul wants to finally kill off rumors surrounding his budding boxing run.

“There’s rumors going around that everyone has come to believe that my fights are rigged or that I don’t allow my opponents to knock me out in the contract. It’s just not true, it’s completely bullshit,” Paul told Ariel Helwani during his recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

“Of course, all these people are gonna do is try to discredit me because when you’re at the top, that’s what happens. So I just want to nip the rumors in the bud and give my opponent contractually… I’m giving Tyron an extra $500,000 if he can knock me out.”

Paul (4-0) knows the legal consequences of trying to control a fight’s narrative and have it end in someone’s favor, which is partly why he is adamant about disproving such allegations.

“It just rips the rumors in the bud and shows people that all of my fights have been real, are real, and will continue to be real,” he explained. “It’s illegal to rig a fight or to stage a fight. It’s illegal to have things like that because it’s fraud. And there’s outcomes. You can’t change the outcome of a professionally-sanctioned bout. It’s illegal. You’ll end up in jail.

“So the fact that people even say this, we just wanted to squash the rumors.”

Paul vs. Woodley 2 will take place in Tampa, Florida. The undercard features the return of Amanda Serrano, who faces Miriam Gutierrez in a lightweight bout.

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