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‘F—k the money’ - Floyd Mayweather shares his advice to young boxers

Now retired and focused on mentorship, Floyd Mayweather has this piece of advice for young fighters.

Floyd Mayweather speaks to the media during a press conference in October.
Floyd Mayweather speaks to the media during a press conference in October.
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Even in retirement, Floyd Mayweather remains to be one of the wealthiest names in the sport of boxing. But if you ask him what his advice is to young fighters, it doesn’t involve chasing a huge payday.

Speaking to the media during the Gervonta Davis-Isaac Cruz post-fight presser on Sunday, “Money” Mayweather stressed the importance of keeping one’s health and well-being intact.

“The name of the game is boxing. The name of the game is not slugging, because when the fight game is over… Boxing is all over and you’re hanging it up like me, you still wanna be able to have your faculties. You still want to be able to have your brain,” he said.

“That’s more important than anything. F—k the money. Your health is more important than anything. The name of the game is hit and not get hit. And I was the best at doing it, and I’mma continue to teach these young fighters. The name of the game is to dish it out and not take it.

“And then when your career is over, take your money, invest it right, so you can have something. These people don’t give a fuck about us. And ya’ll gonna know that once your career is over.”

To establish his point, Mayweather used the late great Muhammad Ali as an example. Ali, of course, was at the top of his game at the height of his career but was burdened by Parkinson’s disease during his later years until his death.

“When Muhammad Ali was in the fight game, was in the top of his game, kicking their ass, they hated him. When he could barely walk and talk, that’s when they loved him.”

The 44-year-old Mayweather officially retired for the third time after he fought and defeated Conor McGregor in 2017 to make 50-0 a reality. He did, however, step inside the boxing ring two more times to take on exhibition matches.

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