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Video: High school basketball player sucker-punches opponent during post-game handshake

17-year-old Carter Prenosil was reportedly arrested and charged with ‘willful injury’ for an ‘unwarranted punch.’

Carter Prenosil (white jersey) is seen landing two right hands on opposing player Ty Dittmer.
Carter Prenosil (white jersey) is seen landing two right hands on opposing player Ty Dittmer.

The competitive and rough nature of basketball can sometimes lead to heated and more physical moments than what’s expected. We’ve seen it in the pro ranks many times over in the past few decades that the sport’s been at the mainstream level.

High school basketball is no different. Players talk a little smack, things get personal, and an altercation subsequently ensues. This is what allegedly happened on Tuesday night between Carlisle High School athlete Carter Prenosil and Nevada High School player Ty Dittmer.

As seen in the video above, players of both teams were doing the customary post-game handshake line when the 17-year-old Prenosil appeared to land two mean right hands on Dittmer. The first one looked like a body shot, followed by another punch to the face.

Dittmer is then seen falling to the ground as players from both teams rush in what seems to be an attempt to pacify the situation. According to Iowa’s KCCI News, Dittmer was “out for a good couple of minutes” and subsequently “needed stitches” because of the incident.

The real cause of the melee wasn’t made clear, but fellow students say there had been an “argument” between the two players during the game.

KCCI also reports that Prenosil was taken into custody and charged with “willful injury.” According to court documents, Presnosil threw an “unwarranted punch” on Dittmer.

Carlisle Superintendent Bryce Amos later released his statement on the matter:

“This is without question an unfortunate incident that is not representative of the school culture that exists in Carlisle Community School District. I want to make it clear that this type of conduct is not tolerated at Carlisle CSD.”

As for Dittmer, Nevada Superintendent Dr. Steve Gray says their student-athlete “is going to be alright.”

“It was a very unfortunate and disturbing situation. Fortunately, it sounds like our student-athlete is going to be alright. I’m very appreciative of the response of our coaches and players, as well as the Carlisle administration, for quickly de-escalating the situation.”

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