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‘Pay me my money’ - Logan Paul claims ‘corny weasel of a human’ Floyd Mayweather still owes him

The two men fought in an exhibition PPV boxing match back in June. And it sounds like all the finances have yet to be settled.

If estimates are to be believed Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition boxing match against Logan Paul was a major financial success. Showtime projections following the June PPV card estimated that the event had sold more than 1 million buys at a price of $49.99—somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million in revenue just from PPV sales alone (with total revenue estimates potentially much much higher).

Heading into the bout, Paul suggested he could make as much as $20 million for his part in the fight. Although with reports suggesting he stood to make $250,000 guaranteed, plus 10% of PPV sales, that would have put him at an estimated $5.25 million. Whatever the actual figure might have been, however, it seems as though the YouTube star and former Disney actor doesn’t feel he got everything he bargained for.

That’s according to a recent post uploaded to Paul’s Instagram Stories, where he claimed Mayweather still owes him money.

Considering Mayweather apparently forgot which Paul brother he even fought during an interview earlier this month, maybe a couple checks ended up in the wrong bank account too. Neither side has elaborated on just how much money Paul might be talking about, or even necessarily if it’s all tied to their fight. But if Paul is serious about these allegations, the whole thing may very well end up in court before it’s all settled.

Most recently, Paul teased a possible trilogy fight against rapper & YouTuber KSI, with a potential official announcement set to be made on January 4th. The two men first fought to a draw in an amateur bout in 2018. They met again a year later, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, for a rematch, with KSI winning that bout via split decision. No word yet on what the potential date of their third fight might be.

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