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Dana White: Jake Paul can cocaine test me for ten years if I can steroid test him for two

Dana White offered up a unique drug testing offer to rival Jake Paul.

Jake Paul appears to be right - UFC president Dana White can’t stop talking about him.

As a guest on The Fight With Tony Atlas, White was asked about his continual back-and-forth with the YouTube star turned boxer. Paul, who recently knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley to move to 5-0 in the ring, has mentioned many times that he thinks White is a drug abuser. To this, Dana offered a unique challenge:

“So this guy keeps saying that I’m a cokehead. He can randomly cocaine test me for the next 10 years if I can randomly steroid test him for the next two.”

Following Paul’s win over Woodley, he repeated the same callouts he usually does - namely, guys under UFC contract. Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, etc. To this, Dana re-stated the obvious - it’s a non-starter:

“No [that’s not happening],” White stated. “You notice he wants to f—king fight everybody that’s not in his weight class, guys that are older and all of this other bullsh-t. Go find a boxer. Go hump somebody else’s leg, you goofball.”

And the feud no one asked for continues.