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UFC champ thinks it would be ‘hilarious’ if Dana White beat up Jake Paul in a boxing match

Aljamain Sterling would love to see Dana White beat up Jake Paul in a boxing match.

Dana White vs. Jake Paul, anyone? (Nah, didn’t think so).

Well, love it or hate it, the proposed matchup has been making the rounds on social media after Paul added White to his bucket list of potential opponents alongside boxing greats such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather.

Although the bout will likely never happen, UFC bantamweight champ Aljamain Sterling thinks it would be hilarious if White, 52, beat up Paul on behalf of the MMA community and shut the YouTuber up for good.

“He should fight Dana, that would actually be hilarious,” Sterling said of White, who claims he used to ‘beat the living sh-t’ out of Tito Ortiz. (h/t Jordan Ellis of Low Kick MMA). “I think Dana might actually beat him up though cause Dana is his size and Dana’s actually boxed, I don’t know if he boxed like professionally, I think he might’ve done couple of amateur fights.”

“But I think Dana got like decent hands and I think he’s watching a fight where he would be okay, just the cardio. They should fight, like that’s the fight to make right now.”

Paul last fought earlier this month against Tyron Woodley in a rematch that saw the 24-year-old score another highlight-reel knockout against another former MMA champion.

Sterling, on the other hand, is expected to rematch Petr Yan in a bantamweight title unification bout at a TBA UFC event next year.