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Gordon Ryan makes sexual comment towards Erberth Santos’ child, as ugly smack talk continues

Gordon took to Instagram to address controversial comments toward Erberth Santos’ daughter

BJJ star Gordon Ryan Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Gordon Ryan and Erberth Santos have been feuding online since 2018, when Gordon first called for gi and no-gi matches with the native Brazilian. What started as a legitimate attempt to book a high profile match eventually turned to significant criticism, with Gordon calling out Erberth’s jiu-jitsu and his behaviors during matches. One such incident occurred during a BJJ Stars event in 2019, where Erberth was involved in a brawl with spectators at the event. Recently, however, the attacks have become much more personal.

In December 2020, Erberth commented on a picture of Gordon’s late father saying “Soon your son will visit you,” in addition to various other threats. The personal and tasteless back and forth only continued since then.

A few days ago, Erberth posted screen shots from an Instagram conversation with Gordon, where Gordon sent Erberth a picture of his daughter followed by two messages. The first read “She’s cute” and the second read “Nice a**.” Santos responded to Gordon in Portuguese, saying “Do you like kids, then?” and “Here in Brazil, whoever does that doesn’t last very long!”

Gordon took to Instagram to address his comments, stating, “Just to put this in context everyone so you don’t get your panties In a bunch, I don’t talk about people families unless they open that door. Erberth has said on multiple occasions on public comment sections that if I ever came to Brazil he would shoot me in the head and rape nat on top of my dead body. He was making fun of big gord the week he died and said I would be visiting him soon, implying I was gonna get killed, so I told him I’d bang his daughter when she turned 18. I think that’s fair play. Ps- if you think I’d ever comment this seriously abour a kid, you’re a different level of stupid.”

Whether or not we’ll see a match between Gordon and Erberth remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely as Erberth mainly competes in the gi and Gordon without the gi.

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