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‘The fight was garbage,’ but ‘not a fix’ - Michael Bisping on Jake Paul’s KO of Tyron Woodley

Former UFC champ Michael Bisping isn’t interested in hearing conspiracy theories regarding Paul vs Woodley 2

Jake Paul knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Maybe it was because of the way it ended. Perhaps it was due to who was responsible for the ending. Maybe it was who was on the wrong end of the knockout. If you ask me, it was a combination of at least two of those things.

The “it” being — let’s say the believability — of the knockout that Jake Paul scored over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in their boxing matchup, which took place on Saturday at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

For those who haven’t seen the knockout, it was well-timed and brutal. With less than a minute left in the sixth round of the contest, which was scheduled to go eight rounds, Paul uncorked a right hook at the exact moment that Woodley dropped his left hand. With that, Woodley’s chin was completely exposed. Paul’s punch landed flush and left Woodley toppling face first to the canvas. The referee didn’t bother to count past one. He waved off the fight and called for the medical staff as fast as he could do so.

As Paul celebrated in the ring, you could hear the referee repeat multiple times, “I need a doctor.” I’m guessing the calls of “fix” and “dive” were being screamed out and shared online before that doctor made his way onto the ring apron.

On the slow-motion replay, which I’m guessing was ignored by the conspiracy minded, Paul looks to the body to get Woodley to drop that left hand and then goes to the head for the knockout blow.

One man, who is never shy about sharing his opinion on, well, any subject, offered his take on the finish and the opinion of those who don’t believe it was legit.

“It’s ridiculous!” former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast (via MMA Fighting). “Anytime somebody gets beat, knocked out, something like that, these conspiracy theories start going around. There’s no way Tyron Woodley’s gonna do that. Secondly, I’ve seen enough knockouts to know when one is real. That looked f*cking real. The fight wasn’t real. The fight was garbage, it was piss poor, it was sh*t, it was nonexistent. The best thing that happened to Jake Paul was him actually landing - it was just a solid shot. The kid can bang, simple as that. He’s a big, strong, young kid. Boom. That’s not a fix!”

The win moved Paul to 5-0 as a pro boxer and dropped Woodley to 0-2 against Paul and in the boxing ring.

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