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‘Make that $20’ million - Masvidal counters Jake Paul’s offer, says UFC needs to get a piece

If Jake Paul is hoping to lure Jorge Masvidal into a boxing match, he’ll need to make an offer big enough to cover the UFC’s cut of the profits as well.

Jorge Masvidal talks to fans at a UFC meet & greet event.
Jorge Masvidal talks to fans at a UFC meet & greet event.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

It seems terribly unlikely that any fighter still under UFC contract is going to get a chance to fight Jake Paul in the boxing ring. The celebrity pugilist has made a habit of calling out UFC stars as he continues his still-developing PPV boxing career, and has already bested Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley (twice now), most recently picking up a violent KO victory over the former welterweight champion.

And while oddsmakers may say that a fight with former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva is the most likely next fight for the former Disney actor and YouTube star, that hasn’t stopped Paul from taking shots at Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. But, is there any way a bout between the ‘Problem Child’ and a current talent from the Octagon gets made?

For his part, Masvidal was helpful enough to provide a potential pathway to getting him in the ring, following an offer from Paul for $5 million + PPV points. To hear Masvidal tell it, that number would need to be at least four times higher, in part because he’ll need to give the UFC a cut of his profits.

And if the UFC still isn’t interested in buying what Paul is selling, even with a potential $20 million payday on the table? Well, ‘Gamebred’ has a contingency plan in mind for that eventuality as well.

That seems like a pretty clear summation of why fans shouldn’t expect to see Paul in the ring with a currently contracted UFC fighter anytime in the near future.

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