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Troll kid mocks Jorge Masvidal, tells pissed off Gamebred ‘I’m 17’ in face of retribution

It seems this teenager just about found out that fighters aren’t the best people in the world to mess around with.

A fan pleads his case with Jorge Masvidal during Paul vs. Woodley 2.
A fan pleads his case with Jorge Masvidal during Paul vs. Woodley 2.

Considering that the Paul Brothers first found fame through a series of awkward prank videos delivered to Vine and eventually YouTube, it’s hardly surprising that their current ventures would attract a specific type of unashamedly annoying audience.

Mixing those fans with a more traditional combat sports crowd, however? That feels like a potential recipe for disaster. Especially when the target of some unabashed trolling happens to be a fighter known for his willingness to throw hands at the drop of a hat.

That’s a lesson one ringside audience member nearly learned, apparently, during the recent PPV boxing rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley.

Whether or not there was actually any physical contact made, at the very least it seems that the kid tried to antagonize ‘Gamebred’ by telling him that Jake Paul would KO him just like he did Woodley.

“Well it was great, I was having a good time, and then BAM, Tyron Woodley was taking a nap in the middle of the ring,” the teen said in a joke interview uploaded to his TikTok page.

“Well, I told [Masvidal] Jake would knock him the fuck out, and apparently he didn’t like that.

“Well apparently, he and his boyfriends tried to knock me the fuck out, and I was scared half to death.”

In a separate TikTok video he pleaded his innocence more forcefully.

“So, everyone’s saying that I pushed Masvidal, which is complete bullshit,” he explained. “All I said was that Jake would knock him out like Woodley. Obviously his managers didn’t like that. So, his managers took my phone and deleted the whole video. And now they’re lying about it, trying to make me look like the bad guy. So I’ve got $5 grand for anyone that can show me a video that I pushed him.”

We already know Masvidal is fully capable of delivering a three piece and a soda at speeds that would make Popeyes blush. So, it’s probably for the best that he didn’t take this opportunity to add a kid’s meal to the menu.

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