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Coach Kavanagh says thought of McGregor vs. Oliveira gives him ‘goosebumps’

“That’s one that’s gonna get the goosebumps going and get you training hard.”

SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh says the thought of preparing Conor McGregor for a lightweight title fight against Charles Oliveira gives him goosebumps.

There’s already talk of the matchup after McGregor called out Oliveira following the Brazilian’s come-from-behind submission win over Dustin Poirier at UFC 269 — and Kavanagh is 100 percent onboard with the idea.

“Well look, Charles is the man right now,” Kavanagh said in a recent interview with Severe MMA (h/t Sportskeeda, video from SevereMMA). What’s it, 10 wins in a row? Something silly like that. Finishing most of them. He’s got a scary skillset. Very solid on the feet. He’s got wrestling, and his submissions are, if not the best, certainly up there in the entire UFC, never mind his own division.”

“So look, that’s a fight that I know would get Conor up early in the morning,” he added. “That’s one that’s gonna get the goosebumps going and get you training hard. If that one was to come about, of course it would be a pleasure and an honor to prepare Conor for that.”

McGregor is currently injured, of course, so there’s no chance of this fight being booked anytime soon but, for what it’s worth, ‘Do Bronx’ would love to throw down with ‘The Notorious’ for his legacy (and the money).

“If I had the chance to fight Conor for money today, I would. The belt is mine and continues being mine. We’ll continue building our legacy and making history.”

McGregor suffered a broken leg in his trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 and is expected to return to the octagon sometime next year.

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