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NBA vs NFL! - Watch Deron Williams vs Frank Gore boxing match from Paul vs Woodley 2 card

Watch NBA vet vs NFL vet in a boxing match.

As part of the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 card, former NBA superstar Deron Williams took on former NFL star Frank Gore in a four round exhibition boxing match.

Williams has a combat sports background in wrestling, and has been training for a while in his Fortis MMA gym. That experience showed in the fight, and he looked pretty good for a guy having his very first fight ever. In the end he won a split decision over the NFL vet and won his boxing debut.

After the win, Williams said he is one and done in his combat sports career.

Watch videos of the fight below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play:

Deron Williams vs. Frank Gore - Round 4

Williams lands a right hand, Gore dealing with all of Deron’s wrestling and hitting while holding. Uppercut by Williams. Gore with a roundhouse right that’s blocked. Hard right hand by Gore but Williams isn’t that bothered. Williams and Gore have given everything they’ve got. Right hand on the temple, body shots, and then Williams again hitting in the clinch. That’s it. That fight happened! 39-37 Williams.

Deron Williams vs. Frank Gore - Round 3

More roughhousing in close! Williams staggers Gore. Then Gore backed up against the ropes rocks Williams with a left! What is going on?! Clubbing blows from Williams and Gore is gonna get a count because he was saved by the ropes! They trade right hands. Williams missing with a left hook. Gore with a left. Williams loading up the right hand but missing. They’re both gassed. Round is over. 29-27 Williams.

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