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Tyron Woodley to Jake Paul ahead of rematch: ‘Thank you for bringing the dog out of me’

Woodley thanks Paul for motivating him ahead of their rematch, but is ready to knock his rival out on Saturday night. 

Tyron Woodley is prepared to right his wrong against Jake Paul in their rematch on Saturday night and thanked his opponent for giving him the opportunity to do so.

The ‘Chosen One’ and ‘Problem Child’ were face-to-face again on Friday afternoon during ceremonial weigh-ins, where both men engaged in an intense staredown that saw them jawing at each other for about a minute. A stoic Woodley remained unfazed by the exuberant demeanor of Paul, who hurled obscenities and pounded his chest before being separated for one final photo op on stage.

Woodley spoke to Ariel Helwani and revealed what he told Paul amid their heated face-off.

“Tomorrow won’t be a short night,” said Woodley. “It’s gonna be a long night, but nobody gonna second guess you after tomorrow night. Thank you for bringing the dog out of me. Tomorrow we battle. Eat well, rest well, it’s gonna be a f—king fight tomorrow night.”

Paul then responded with what he said to Woodley and was still very much excited from the brief exchange.

“I said, ‘It’s f—king go mode,’” said Paul. “A different Jake Paul we’re gonna see this time, we’re f—king bucking in the middle of the ring. No funny s—t. No funny s—t like last time. I’m f—king him up. I’m f—king him up! I’m f—king him up, Ariel! I’m f—king him up!”

Paul already has a win over Woodley, who he bested by split decision this past August. Though the former UFC welterweight champion believed he did enough to win and wanted an immediate rematch, the YouTuber-turned-boxer was ready to move on from Woodley and took on another challenge in fellow professional boxer Tommy Fury. That was canceled weeks before it was supposed to happen after Fury withdrew from the fight because of a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib.

Woodley was sought out as the short-notice replacement for Fury, and he gladly accepted, which led to the highly anticipated rematch being made.

Paul vs. Woodley II takes place on Saturday, Dec. 18, live from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL.