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Man found guilty of murdering fellow fight club member

Diego Carbone was convicted of stabbing and shooting one of his former cohorts within the Saint Michael Christian Brothers Fight Club organization.

FILE PHOTO — Police secure a crime scene in Sydney, Australia.
Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

A court in Sydney has found Diego Carbone guilty of the murder of Bradley Dillon (per Both men were members of the secretive Saint Michael Christian Brothers Fight Club; an organization started over an appreciation for Catholicism and Muay Thai, which police say later resembled an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Dillon died after he was shot three times and stabbed four times in an underground parking lot in August 2014. Most of Dillon’s injuries were to his back, incurred while he was running away from Carbone and his cousin Antonio Bagnato.

Dillon, Carbone and Bagnato all, at some point, belonged to the fight club. They also went to school together. Dillon had agreed to meet Carbone and Bagnato because he was having trouble recovering a debt from another fight club member. Dillon’s sister had loaned that member $2,000 while they were dating.

Police say Bagnato was considered the club’s ‘enforcer’. Carbone, then 23, had recently been kicked out of the club for being a ‘hothead’.

Bagnato is a former kickboxer. He is currently imprisoned in Thailand. He was arrested in that country and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of high-ranking Hells Angel member Wayne Schneider. Bagnato was later acquitted of the murder and sentenced to jail time for assault and illegal firearm charges.

Bagnato fled to Thailand two days after Dillon’s murder. Carbone was arrested by police as he tried to board a plane to Bangkok.

During trial Carbone’s lawyer Mark Tedeschi claimed it was Bagnato who inflicted the lethal wounds on Dillon. Tedeschi pointed to a text message sent by Carbone as evidence. That message read, “We were in a fight with a guy from school. I was into it with this guy. Tones (Bagnato) comes in and shot him.”

Carbone is due to be sentenced on February 25.

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