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Your wife’s a hoe and you’re a piece of sh-t father - Covington makes things ‘personal’ with Poirier

Colby Covington says things are now “so personal” between him and former teammate Dustin Poirier.

Colby Covington during his UFC 268 title rematch with Kamaru Usman.
Colby Covington during his UFC 268 title rematch with Kamaru Usman.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Over the last two years, former teammates Colby Covington and Dustin Poirier have been feuding with each other. Covington did issue an apology last year, but somewhere along the way, the rift was reignited.

Now, things have gotten more personal, at least according to Covington. “Chaos” recently spoke to The Schmo to give his thoughts on his former teammate.

“It’s so personal,” he said. “This isn’t about the rankings. He’s number one at lightweight, I’m number one at welterweight, but to be honest, we weigh the same exact weight. He probably weighs five, ten pounds more than me. We used to step on the scale every day, and Dustin was like 185, 190. He was bigger than me, I’m like 182, 185, max.

“It’s not like I’m picking on a guy in a different weight class like maybe some people are gonna say. I’m picking on a guy that said ‘it’s on sight’ in the media. He said, ‘When I see Colby, it’s on sight.’

“So I wanna keep these guys held accountable for their street cred. ‘Cause they’re talking all this shit in the media, but when it’s time to do business and get in the cage and actually fight, they’re nowhere to be found.”

Covington had already stepped over the line of trash talking by mentioning Poirier’s wife and daughter in the past. But this time, he’s turned it up to 11.

“Dustin you’re a f—ng coward. Your wife’s a hoe and she has fake tits on her chest. And you’re a piece of shit father.”

Poirier, for his part, recently broached the idea of leaving the 155-pound division for good after his painful loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269. As of late, he’s been angling for a fight against Nate Diaz, whom he was supposed to face at UFC 230 three years ago.

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