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Jake Paul on fighting MMA: ‘It will happen one day, 100%’

Jake Paul believes that with two years of MMA training, he could be guys like Tyron Woodley in a cage.

It’s no secret that Jake Paul has a lot of people listening when he talks these days. Paul, who will rematch Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring this weekend on Showtime, wasn’t as bombastic as he normally is today at the pre-fight press conference. But he did make an interesting prediction - that he will compete in MMA one day.

And he went a step further than that, saying he only needs a couple of years to beat guys like Woodley in mixed martial arts.

“Yeah for sure, 100 percent [I would do MMA]. I think it could happen. Why not?

“If I can learn how to box in two years and beat people like him then why can’t I learn how to do MMA in two years and beat people like him? That’s my answer. It will happen at some point. 100 percent.”

That slightly ridiculous comparison made Woodley laugh out loud as he responded:

“You lie. Let’s do MMA then. Let’s do MMA after we do this boxing stuff so I can elbow you in the head and knee you in the nugget. He cap.”

Paul famously beat Woodley by split decision in their first boxing bout. Paul was supposed to face actual pro boxer Tommy Fury this time around, but an injury to Fury forced him out late and brought Woodley back into the picture. Paul, who was wearing a ski mask, didn’t hesitate to take a shot at Fury at the presser either, questioning his heart:

“I just thought it’s funny how these professionals like Tommy Fury, who’s considered a professional boxer, gets sick, breaks a rib and doesn’t want to fight I fought sick. I fought hurt. You’ve got to go in there and get the job done.”