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I’ll debate him with data and crush him - Reporter responds to Dana White’s ‘dipsh-t’ comments at UFC 269

Longtime reporter Darren Rovell responds to Dana White, who called him a “dipsh-t” at the UFC 269 post-fight presser.

You can always count on Dana White to be fired up about something during press conferences. At the recent UFC 269 post-fight presser, the UFC president lashed out at reporter Darren Rovell.

“The dipshit there. What’s his name?” White told the media. “The dipshit that thinks he knows about this business. Rovell. Darren Rovell. Dipshit Darren Rovell said that Amanda Nunes, you know, we were screwed, she could never be a star and all these other things.

“Let me tell you what. If Amanda had won tonight, the Kayla Harrison fight would be one of the biggest fights that you would’ve ever seen. Stay out of our business, dipshit. You know nothing.”

White is likely referring to this 2018 tweet that Rovell posted after Nunes knocked out Cris Cyborg to become the UFC’s third double-champ in history.

Rovell eventually got wind of White’s loving comments about him and issued this response. The man is apparently willing to go to great lengths to prove his points.

As a long-time sports journalist and reporter, Rovell may have some data to back his arguments up. In 2016, he had some insider information on the UFC’s $4 billion deal with WME, which put White’s potential $350 million earnings in the spotlight.