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50-man brawl breaks out at MMA event in Moscow

The incident took place at a WEF event in Moscow, Russia.

A 50-man brawl broke out at an MMA event in Moscow, Russia, after a fighter attacked a potential opponent during a pre-fight staredown.

The incident took place during a World Ertaymash Federation (WEF) event at the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace in Moscow this past weekend, where representatives from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan competed against each other to earn their place in the league.

During the event, Uzbek fighter Namazan Samiev earned a decisive victory against his Kyrgyz opponent, and announced during his post-fight speech that he was prepared to fight another competitor from those present straight away. A challenger emerged from the spectators surrounding the cage and WEF promoters suggested that the two fighters take part in a pre-fight staredown to promote the bout.

However, during the staredown, Samiev unexpectedly attacked his opponent, landing a vicious knee to the head, which sparked the massive brawl that drew more than 50 people into the cage.

According to journalist Alexander Lyutikov, one of the spectators attempted to ease tensions and reconcile the spectators by shouting, “Uzbeks! Kyrgyz! We are brothers! Why are you doing that? This is a sport, it happens!”

The skirmish lasted for several minutes before police officers were able to separate the assailants.

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