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Michael Chiesa injured while rushing cage to celebrate Julianna Pena win, ‘dragged out’ by police

Michael Chiesa was escorted out by police after trying to storm the cage to celebrate Julianna Pena’s win over Amanda Nunes.

Michael Chiesa got so drunk on Saturday that he had to be escorted out of the T-Mobile Arena after attempting to rush the cage to celebrate teammate Julianna Pena’s upset submission win over Amanda Nunes in the UFC 269 co-main event.

Chiesa reportedly suffered multiple injuries to his face, including a busted eye, while trying to storm the octagon.

“How do I say this without embarrassing the guy,” Dana White said at the UFC 269 post-fight press conference (h/t MMA Fighting). “He [Chiesa] had a little bit too much to drink this evening. When she won, he freaked out and tried to jump into the octagon and fell down on his face, cut his eye and busted his eye open, then was arguing with the police that he needed to get into the octagon and be with her, because that’s his teammate.”

White says it took a minute for police to calm Chiesa down but that he’s ‘all good’ now.

“[The police] dragged him out, got him outside and calmed him down in the back, and I went back and talked to him for a minute, and we’re all good,” he said.

A person in Chiesa’s camp who wishes to remain anonymous confirmed the incident to MMA Fighting.

Here you can see Chiesa hopping over the barrier that separates the crowd from the outside of the cage.

“Absolute chaos and fanfare after Pena won,” ESPN MMA Tweeted after the fight.

Chiesa and newly-crowned UFC women’s bantamweight champ Pena both train together at Sikjitsu in Spokane, Washington. Pena beat Nunes via second-round submission in a shocking upset victory that sent shockwaves throughout the arena — it’s just a shame Chiesa couldn’t keep his balance.