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‘He sucks’ - Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor both pile on Dustin Poirier after UFC 269 loss

Perhaps for the first time ever, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are (kind of) on the same team.

UFC megastars Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz have been fierce rivals for the last six years and counting. With one win apiece over each other, the two men will trade shots on social media every chance they get.

But on Saturday night after UFC 269, they seemed to have found a rare moment where they were both on the same page. The common denominator: Dustin Poirier.

The first one to fire shots was Diaz, who always has something to say during these big events. The 36-year-old veteran posted this tweet moments after the headliner between Poirier and Charles Oliveira ended.

“The Notorious” then wrote this response, saying how it was an “embarrassing night” for “The Diamond.”

McGregor Diaz vs. Poirier

Diaz and McGregor have a shared history with Poirier. The former was matched up with the ex-interim champ for UFC 230 in 2018, but Poirier had to pull out due to injury. Diaz had been holding that incident over Poirier’s head ever since.

McGregor, of course, has his three fights with Poirier, the last two of which he lost.

Poirier failed to capture UFC undisputed gold for the second time and lost in the exact same fashion. He says he plans to take less frequent fights after UFC 269, win, lose or draw.

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