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Tyron Woodley says rematch clause included in contract for Jake Paul fight, welcomes trilogy

The former UFC champion turned professional boxer believes a third fight between him and Paul happens by next year. 

Tyron Woodley walking out for his fight against Jake Paul in August.
Tyron Woodley walking out for his fight against Jake Paul in August.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tyron Woodley wants to accomplish two goals when he steps inside the squared circle again next Saturday: beat Jake Paul and set up a trilogy.

The former UFC welterweight champion turned professional boxer is filling in on short notice to fight Paul for an injured Tommy Fury. Hoping to right his wrong from this past August after suffering a loss to Paul via split decision in their first meeting, Woodley aims for a more definitive ending this time around. He also plans to do it once more in a third and final fight, which is now all but certain following the reveal of a rematch clause in his contract.

“I felt like I won the fight, but when I go back out there and beat his ass and win this fight and win by knockout and go onto a trilogy and do it again and leave no doubt, that’s the real ‘leave no doubt’. I like how they have the headlines down,” Woodley told TMZ. “To me, there was no doubt the first time. I watched the fight last night. How do you lose 4, 5, 6, 7, 8? He didn’t win one round after Round 4, and he clearly lost Round 4. So without the knockdown, without 10-8, there was no doubt the first time. So this is the nail in the coffin, this is just basically what I should have done the first time. The third time will be no doubt.”

Another fight with Paul is something Woodley has campaigned for before, going as far as following through on a tattoo bet and getting ‘I love Jake Paul’ inked on his middle finger. Showing that he was more than willing to pull out all the stops for that rematch, ‘The Chosen One’ questions if ‘The Problem Child’ will do the same after whatever happens next week.

Should he win, Woodley wonders if Paul will fight him or choose someone else as he did with Fury.

“Of course I’m down for the trilogy,” said Woodley. “Yes, it is a rematch clause in there. I’m going to put that on him. After I knock you out, Mr. Betting Man, are you going to run or are you going to try to fight somebody else? Or are you going to come and get this work again?”

As far as how he sees the fight playing out, Woodley wagered his own bet.

“I bet I beat his ass. I bet if he get up, I bet I do it again. I bet if he drop, I bet I knock his ass back down. So any bet he tries to make, I’m gonna say I bet I beat your ass.”

Paul vs. Woodley II takes place on Saturday, Dec. 18, live from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla.

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