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‘Not Conor McGregor, I can’t get no cheddar’ - UFC’s Bryce Mitchell releases rap mixtape

Another UFC fighter has released a mixtape.

UFC 249 Ferguson v Gaethje Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

What does Ralek Gracie, Tyron Woodley and now Bryce Mitchell have in common?

Mitchell, who has screamed about camo shorts, Arkansas, and Donald Trump all in one brief UFC post-fight interview, suddenly joins the two other MMA fighters with his own hip hop ambitions. The undefeated UFC featherweight in Mitchell just released seven rap songs in a mixtape called “Pasture Fire.”

As Bloody Elbow’s Victor Rodriguez likes to say, at some point in his life every man thinks he can rap, and every man thinks he can fight. Mitchell clearly has the second one down, but can he actually rap?

Well, listen here and you be the judge of “Thug Nasty’s” skills. This is the first track called “Go Farther,” and here’s a snippet of his lyrics:

I’m gon talk about thug shit
that I can’t say out in public
you gave me your word I trust it
so please do the same
engrained in my brain
is self hatred and pain
cause I been stuck n the game
and I got homies in chains
there ain’t no minimum wages

Track four is called “Darkansas,” which I believe is his single. He also references Conor McGregor on the lyrics.

I’ll roll you a Swisher
you been in the picture
you made my life better
I been through the weather
not Conor McGregor
I can’t get no cheddar
I can’t sell me no pay per views
ain’t slept in a day or two

The final track is called “Fight Hard,” which has a chorus that keeps repeating the line “I fight hard and that’s my job, all that glory goes to God.”

yes I’m a veteran
see them police
and I ain’t even sweating em
over my worries
they are the least threatenin
y’all keep patrollin
my wallet is swollen

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