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BJJ Stars 7 Results: Lucas Barbosa submits Gilbert Burns; Leo Vieira, Tanquinho, Hinger get big wins

Sao Paulo based BJJ Stars delivers an action-packed jiu-jitsu event

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa takes the back and secures powerful submission over Durinho

BJJ Stars 7 was headlined by a no-gi match between Gilbert “Durinho” Burns and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa. Since starting his professional MMA career in 2012, Durinho has been on a mission to become a UFC welterweight champion. He made it to a title fight with current king of the division Kamaru Usman and has remained active on the jiu-jitsu scene throughout his mixed martial arts journey. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa has been one of the top ranked grapplers with and without the gi since receiving his black belt in 2015. The Hulk trains with some of the best competitors in the world on a daily basis at Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ in San Diego under Professor Andre Galvao.

Both athletes came into the match with strong takedown skills, which were put on display early as Durinho nearly took the Hulk down, getting to a rear body lock. Hulk countered beautifully, ending up in the top position. From there Hulk looked to pass the half guard of Durinho. In a transition where Durinho tried to come up to a single leg from the bottom position, Hulk was able to free his leg and spin to Durinho’s back. From there Hulk started to work a mandible strangle which forced Durinho to tap just over hallway through the contest.

Tanquinho uses pressure and foot lock attempts to earn decision over Frazatto

2019 ADCC 66 kg champion Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes made his return to competition to face Bruno Frazatto, one of the top featherweights from the Atos Jiu-Jitsu team. Frazatto pulled guard right off the bat and looked to use his reverse de la riva game to try to off balance Tanquinho and potentially set up some leg attacks. Tanquinho, however, is known for his legendary base and leg lock defense, using those well-developed skills to shut down Frazatto’s attacks. Tanquinho also looked to secure his own submissions throughout the match, looking for multiple Estima locks anytime Frazatto put his foot on Tanquinho’s hip. Ultimately, Tanquinho’s pressure and foot lock attempts were enough to earn him a decision victory over the game Frazatto. With so many new contenders in the 66 kg division, the amount of exciting matches for Tanquinho are endless heading into the 2022 ADCC World Championships.

Checkmat leader Leo Vieira defeats Cleber Luciano with trademark guard passing

Leo “Leozinho” Vieira had a successful return to competition in his first match since 2017. Leo was the one dictating the pace throughout as he worked to outgrip Cleber Luciano and secure a takedown. The match didn’t hit the mat until about 8 minutes in, when Leo countered a failed takedown from Cleber, ending up in top position. From there Leo looked to pass the guard, forcing Cleber to turtle position to defend. Leo eventually broke Cleber down, secured the guard pass, and moved into the mount position. Cleber escaped the position and was able to work his way back to the feet, this time electing to pull guard. Leo initiated another passing sequence, moving around Cleber’s guard and attempting to lock a kimura as time expired, with Leo Vieira taking the win over Cleber Luciano by an 8-0 score.

Full results for BJJ Stars 7 are below:

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa def. Gilbert “Durinho” Burns via submission (rear naked choke)

Josh Hinger def. Luis Marques via points (4-2)

Celsinho Venicius def. AJ Agazarm via points (2-0)

Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes def. Bruno Frazatto via decision (0-0)

Leo Vieira def. Cleber Luciano via points (8-0)

Gutemberg Pereira def. Marcus Scooby via points (2-2, 4-1 advantages)

Tainan Dalpra def. Lucas Gualberto via submission (toehold)

Fabio Romao def. Diogo Almeida via points (2-0)

Meyram Magquine def. Tiago Barros via submission (armbar)

Anna Rodrigues def. Dyna Sena via DQ (knee reap)

Matheus Spirandeli def. Rafael Dutra via submission (armbar)

Sabatha Lais def. Rebecca De Albuquerque via points (2-0)