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Covington wants Masvidal and Poirier next: They’ll be held accountable for talking ‘reckless’

After an unsuccessful title fight at UFC 268, Colby Covington is now looking at possible fights against former teammates.

For the second time around, Colby Covington was unsuccessful in capturing UFC gold. “Chaos” lost via unanimous decision to reigning undisputed champion Kamaru Usman in their rematch at UFC 268 on Saturday night.

But like the competitor that he is, Covington is ready to go back to the drawing board. One of the first fights he wants for his return is against his former close teammate and friend Jorge Masvidal, a matchup he’s been pushing for a while now.

“I think the most logical step is the heated rivalry with me and my old roommate Street Judas Masvidal. He should probably pull out of that fight with Leon Scott and we should just run it. Let’s run it in the first quarter of the first part of the year, and let’s do it, man. That’s a heated rivalry,” Covington told reporters during the UFC 268 post-event scrum.

“He talks so much shit in the media and said so many things about me. Look at what happened when he fought Marty. He got dusted. If he fought me, he would get dusted even worse and it wouldn’t be competitive. I just want to hold these people accountable for the way they run their mouth in the media, and it makes sense.

“If he goes ahead with that Leon Scott fight, then Hunter Campbell, I just pray to you, please God, don’t cut him after that third loss in a row. Save him around and let me be the one that ends his career.

Another fight that Covington wants is against another former teammate in Dustin Poirier, whom he also has some history with.

“I remember that Louisiana swamp trash Dustin Soirier. We used to step on the scale at our old gym all the time. He weighed bigger than me. I was at 182, he’d be, like, 185, 188. He’s a bigger guy than me.

“I’m not scared to fight guys at my weight. He’s obviously scared to fight guys his weight. He has to cut all this weight to feel like he has an advantage over guys. He’s another guy that… it makes sense for that fight. He talks so reckless in the media. How are these guys not gonna be held accountable?

“If he doesn’t want to fight, he loses his street cred, too. He’s nothing more than Louisiana swamp trash.”

Covington also says he may have broken his leg during the fight, but expects to be fully healed in four to six weeks. He now drops to a record of 16-3.