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Brutal war! Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler full fight video highlights from UFC 268

Watch video from the key UFC 268 bout.

Perhaps the people’s main event, and the hyped potential fight of the night before UFC 268 even began was Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler. The two sluggers finally met in a lightweight bout with potential title implications. There were high expectations, but it definitely delivered.

Chandler and Gaethje hurt each other on numerous occassions right from the get go, but both remained calm and showcased that heart they’ve been known for. Gaethje was in trouble multiple times, but looked to have the edge on technical ability and doled out some punishment of his own for most of the fight, especially the final two rounds.

Check out the highlights from the bout below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest.

Justin Gaethje vs. Michael Chandler, Round 3

Gaethje goes right back to the leg kick. Chandler’s leg is torn up. Jab to the body from Gaethje. Chandler touches him twice. Chandler savaging the body. Leg kick from Gaethje. Chandler taking shots and waving Gaethje in for more. Chandler shoots and tries to throw Gaethje to the mat, but Gaethje just flipped over and ended up on Chandler’s back. That was insane. They’re back up. More body work from Chandler. Overhand right from aethje. Chandler rocks him with an uppercut! Another! Just misses with a third! Gaethje clubs him back with a huge right! This is FOTY caliber, as expected! Excuse the expression, but they are beating the dog shit out of each other. Gaethje is landing massive shots. Chandler is too Gaethje goes back to chewing up the leg. Chandler is getting the crowd even more into it (somehow). Chandler with a jumping switch kick. Nowhere near landing. He tries again. THAT WAS AMAZING. 10-9 and 30-27 Gaethje on my card, but who knows. The second was the only definitive round.

Justin Gaethje defeated Michael Chandler via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)