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Fight Circus 3 videos: Watch insane ‘Siamese kickboxing,’ literal phone booth fighting, more oddities

Fight Circus is back with their combat sports oddities.

Fight Circus is back with their combat sports oddities.

Saturday morning in Thailand, Fight Circus returned for their third offering of insane combat sports oddities. Streaming again from adult camgirl website CamSoda, Fight Circus Volume 3 included some new and wild gimmicks.

Most notable was this Siamese kickboxing, which with two arms and four legs each, ended up being as dumb and hilarious as expected. Videos below are courtesy of the promotion Full Metal Dojo, and Caposa on twitter.

They also had a literal phone booth fight, under lethwei rules, which means no gloves and headbutts are allowed.

They also had “Bat Shit Boxing” or “dizzy boxing,” where boxers had to spin in circles on a bat before fighting.

They also brought back some of the other insane fights they were known for putting on, such as a 2 vs 1 match, and the kicks only “human cockfighting” bout.

Headlining the event was Bank and No Money, who had won their previous 2 vs 1 bouts as the two smaller fighters taking a bigger foe. This time though, the pair lost to UFC veteran Will Chope, who pretty much ignored the kicks and punches of his smaller opponents and snatched a standing guillotine very early.

The Kicking Only fight delivered again, with “Rambo” winning a decision over Nut Prasittigat.

There were other bouts on the card, including a more traditional and straightforward Lethwei bout, an Indian Leg Wrestling tournament, and uhm... this Tug of War match using buttplugs (Plug of War?). I guess it was on brand for a circus event broadcast on an adult site, but probably something we shouldn’t discuss much here.

The event also involved Bob Sapp, and had golden bongs instead of trophies.

All in all it was another wild and strange event from a promotion, that unlike some in this industry, is very self-aware, for whatever that is worth.