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Michael Bisping tells Dillon Danis ‘stop tweeting and deleting like your little mentor’

Michael Bisping gets into another online spat with Dillon Danis.

Michael Bisping during broadcast duties at a UFC Fight Night.
Michael Bisping provides commentary for the UFC on ESPN 9 event at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

If there’s one fighter Michael Bisping says isn’t worth airtime, it’s Dillon Danis. But ‘The Count’ can’t help keep the latter’s name out of his mouth.

Bisping got into yet another argument with the controversial Bellator fighter after Danis laid out the perfect bait on Twitter.

“You f*cked up @bisping [Michael Bisping] not checking in with me when you come to NYC see you soon (love heart emoji),” Danis said.

“Yeah buddy?” Bisping replied. “Come see me. I ain’t going on where. I’ll send location any time you little sh*t stain. I shouldn’t have responded cos (because) you’re just all talk, but please, I’m around if you wanna “talk”.”

Danis then labeled Bisping ‘broke’ for staying at the Royalton Hotel in a since-deleted Tweet.

“How’s the Royalton hotel you broke bum (laughing face emoji),” Danis tweeted, to which Bisping responded by urging the 28-year-old to stop ‘tweeting and deleting’ his tweets like his mentor, Conor McGregor.

“(Laughing face emojis) hahah broke?” Bisping tweeted. “Made more money from commentary than you made from fighting. Give it a res you little f*cking dork and stop tweeting and deleting like you’re little mentor”.

Bisping is currently in New York on UFC broadcasting duties while Danis, who was recently choked out by a bouncer following a drunken altercation outside a local bar, lives adjacent to New York City in New Jersey.