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Justin Gaethje calls Colby Covington a ‘b-tch’ at UFC 268 press conference

Justin Gaethje gets into it with Colby Covington at the UFC 268 pre-fight press conference in New York.

Justin Gaethje might be scheduled to take on former three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler at UFC 268, but ‘The Highlight’ seems to have more animosity towards Colby Covington.

Gaethje, who trains alongside Kamaru Usman under the tutelage of veteran coach Trevor Wittman, called ‘Chaos’ a b-tch after he predicted a win for Usman and himself on the UFC 268 main card.

“I’ll start it off, Kamaru will finish it off.” Gaethje said (h/t Low Kick MMA). ” You’re damn right. Trevor Wittman is a genius and you will see that inside the octagon. I can’t wait to fight in front of these f*cking fans. The chaos, all of it. I f*cking love it, let’s go!”

Covington, who will take on Usman for the welterweight title in the UFC 268 main event, responded with the following snappy remark.

“You’re right, Justin. Chaos is in the building.”

That’s when Gaethje snapped back by calling Covington a ‘b-tch’.

“You’re a bitch,” he said.

UFC 268: Usman vs. Covington II takes place Saturday, Nov. 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.