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‘I’m gonna be fighting on my death bed’ - 40-year-old Frankie Edgar shuts down retirement talk

At a ripe age of 40, Frankie Edgar isn’t willing to entertain the idea of retirement just yet, and probably not ever.

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It’s quite a trip to look at Frankie Edgar’s resumé. The man fought at three different weight classes, won a world title in a division he was undersized in and defended it twice. At this point in his career, “The Answer” has been in there against the best of the best.

Now 40 with a total of 34 professional fights under his belt, you’d think that at the very least, Edgar would consider slowing down a bit. But that’s not the case at all.

“I’m gonna be fighting on my death bed,” the proud Toms River native told reporters during a recent pre-fight media scrum for UFC 268.

“When I say I’mma fight on my death bed, it’s (me saying) I’m a fighter. That’s what I am. I’m always gonna fight in some way, shape or form.

Edgar is no stranger to hearing calls for his retirement, and that makes it easier for him to brush everything off.

“It’s natural to be a 40-year-old guy and people say, ‘Hey, when are you gonna hang it up?’ Or, it’s natural for your opponent to say they’re gonna retire you. Come on. It’s f—ng old stuff.”

The number eight-ranked Edgar will attempt to get back to his winning ways against Marlon Vera at UFC 268 this weekend. And ultimately, getting to hold a UFC title once again remains to be his goal.

“I think all fights are fun, but achieving the gold is always the goal. That’s probably the most fun, so if I could… I think you need to have that pinnacle at the top of your list. That’s kind of what I’ve gotten into this sport for, it’s to be the best. It’s always been my mindset.

“I’m enjoying the process as I go.”

UFC 268 happens on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.