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Kids don’t watch ‘old sport’ UFC - Triller unveils new circus sport pitting boxing vs. MMA

Triller aims to continue revolutionizing prizefighting with its latest creation; Triad Combat.

Dada 5000’s bareknuckle promotion previously used a triangular ring as well.

In the last two years alone, we’ve seen Triller’s contributions to combat sports and prizefighting. And while they’ve been all about the spectacle events that had mixed results, some credit goes to them for making fight fans tune in.

Now, they’re attempting to do something that not many in the current era of fight promotion has turned into a reality. In a press release posted on its official website Thursday, Triller announced its latest brainchild: Triad Combat.

In case you were wondering what this madness is about, here’s a brief description.

“TRIAD COMBAT is a revolutionary, new combat team sport which incorporates boxing and MMA rules in an aggressive, fast-paced manner with the fighters competing in a specially designed triangular ring over two-minute rounds featuring professional boxers competing against professional mixed martial arts fighters.

“The specific motto of leveling the playing field between the two sports utilizing crossover gloves and with holding allowed is meant to offer boxing and MMA fighters an even battleground where neither opponent has a greater advantage.”

According to Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh, the idea behind Triad Combat came about to cater to the younger crowd that views MMA as “an old sport.”

“UFC is an old sport now. The kids aren’t watching it,” Kavanaugh told Reuters in a recent interview. “The UFC isn’t giving the 18 to 27-year-olds what they want to see. So we’re hopefully bringing something forward that they do want to see.

“It’s more exciting, it’s faster-paced and better looking. It’s shot like a movie or a video game, and it’s surrounded by culture.”

According to the same Reuters report, kicking, kneeing, and grappling on the mat aren’t allowed. However, clinching and attacking from that closer range will be permitted.

They claim it’s a mix between MMA and boxing, but the way they describe it makes it seem just similar to bare-knuckle boxing rules, except with small gloves. It will also be held in a triangular ring, much like what Dada 5000’s BYB bare-knuckle promotion did.

Triad Combat will hold its first night of fights on November 27 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Partaking in the said event are UFC veterans Mike Perry and ex-heavyweight champion Frank Mir, as well as two-time heavyweight world boxing title challenger Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev.

Triller will also continue to blend entertainment with prizefighting, with Metallica serving as its musical act for the night.