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WTF: Dambé beach fight ends with sensational clubbing knockout

Knockouts, close calls, and a doofus with a Spartan mask. This job is pretty awesome sometimes.

More action from the periphery coming at you this week with another entry in the What The Fight? collection this week. We’re mostly going to go back to some classics and work with some highlight packages, but there’s plenty of recent fisticuffs as well.

So we’ll start with knuckle sandwiches.

We’ve lined up some classic Dambe Warriors content with a wild highlight reel of a beach tournament that had some rough moments:

The whole montage has some major shots delivered. It’s a lot.

This match from 2019 ends in an sensational knockout. Two big shots seal the deal courtesy of devastating left hands:

STRELKA continues their search for the weirdest mismatches possible, and this is certainly adhering to those guidelines. Some doughy kid that looks like a prepubescent extra that walked off the set of the Andy Griffith Show fights another youngster, and it gets weird fast. True to form, it’s all ugly until one of them remembers a legit technique. Best part is that the thing actually works. Seriously:

This next one is just frenzied flurries. Not much in the technical department, just two nonstop punchers.

Then there’s a guy with a Spartan mask for some reason. It doesn’t even look nice.

In anticipation of their upcoming PPV next week, SlapFIGHT set up another highlight reel of some of their most jaw-dropping (and jaw-dislocating) moments:

Here’s some Team Japan Judo highlights that are an absolute marvel to see:

And some more beautiful displays of The Gentle Way from the Paris Grand Slam a few weeks ago:

We’ll bring the week to a close with some extraordinary Lethwei violence starting with this compilation right here:

And a collection of knockouts from last year:

Be safe out there, because the price of milk is a confusing thing out here in these streets now. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.