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One-time MMA Fighter Scott Fairlamb facing lengthy jail sentence over Capitol riots

If carried through, Fairlamb’s sentence would be the harshest handed out from the January riot at the nation’s Capitol so far.

Trump Supporters Hold “Stop The Steal” Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images

The prosecution of rioters from the ‘Stop the Steal’ insurrection attempt on the nation’s Capitol back on January 6th continues with the sentencing of former one-time MMA fighter Scott Fairlamb.

Also known as ‘Wildman’ the 44-year-old has a single recorded professional bout in mixed martial arts—a loss to Michael Andrillo at Ring of Combat 31 back in 2010. Nonetheless, after pleading guilty to the assault of a police officer as well as the attempted obstruction of Congress, Fairlamb’s MMA background has become one of the driving narratives of his trial and sentencing.

“As a former MMA fighter, the defendant was well aware of the injury he could have inflicted on (the officer),” prosecutors wrote during his trial. “His actions and words on that day all indicate a specific intent to obstruct a congressional proceeding through fear, intimidation, and violence, including violence against uniformed police officers.”

Initially indicted on 12 counts, prosecutors are reportedly seeking the harshest penalty yet for the former owner of Fairlamb Fit gym in Pompton Lakes, NJ. Politico reports that prosecution has recommended a sentence of 44-months in jail. Fairlamb’s case is just the second felony charge to reach trial, with rioter Paul Hodgkins receiving an 8-month sentence as a result of his actions in breaching Senate chambers.

“Fairlamb, a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter, joined the storming of the police line on the West Terrace, obtaining a police baton and screaming ‘What Patriots do? We fuckin’ disarm them and then we storm the fuckin’ Capitol!’” prosecutors said in their sentencing memo. “After exiting the U.S. Capitol, Fairlamb aggressively followed a line of dramatically out-numbered Metropolitan Police Department officers, screaming vitriol at them as they attempted to traverse the over-run Terrace.”

“After isolating an MPD officer from his fellow officers, Fairlamb shoved the officer and then punched his face shield.”

Fairlamb will have the opportunity on Wednesday, November 10th to plead his case for leniency in his sentencing. Defense Attorney Harley Breite laid out his case for a lighter sentence in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

“Had this not occurred on federal property, my client would be facing a trespassing and simple assault (case) in any municipal court in this country,” defense attorney Breite noted. “Most importantly, my client has expressed sincere remorse for his actions of that day. And those actions are not indicative of who he really is.”

Ironically, Fairlamb’s brother, Preston Fairlamb III, was a secret service agent who led the security detail for Michelle Obama during her time in the White House.

Fairlamb’s sentencing is expected to help establish a standard for other felony cases stemming from the January 6th riots going forward, as the DOJ looks to prosecute dozens more defendants stemming from the event.