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That’s nuts! Watch a UFC double low blow that left both fighters in agony


Talented and flashy striker Jonas Bilharinho faced Canaan Kawaihae at Dana White’s Contender Series on Tuesday. The finish on their bout is definitely an eye popping highlight, but there was also a very notable low light for each of their reproductive organs.

Midway through the second round, both fighters landed simultaneous knee strikes to their groins, which left both of them down and grimacing in pain for an extended period. Watch this rare moment in combat sports:

The double low blow had the commentators dumbfounded as well. Here’s how the three-team booth reacted to the painful, but also pretty hilarious moment:

“Did we get both low blows at the same time??”

“Double low blow? How is that possible?!”

“Oh my goodness.”

“A double low blow, that has to be a first.”

“I have never seen this before.”

While watching the replay:


“Double KO! It’s like Street Fighter 2. It’s a draw!”

After seeing both fighters apologizing to each other, while both still on the ground grimacing:

“Oh he’s comforting him. That’s good sportsmanship.”

“He said ‘I’m sorry too.’”

“No no no, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Both fighters managed to continue the fight, with Bilharinho eventually winning with a similarly rare spinning hook kick TKO in the third round. Unfortunately for Bilharinho, despite having the balls to overcome a double groin shot and land the highlight reel knockout, Dana White decided not to award him with a contract.

The UFC President claimed it was because of a lack of a killer instinct. I don’t know, but to me that sounds nuts.