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Mike Perry blames street fights on clout chasers that think he’s an ‘Instagram influencer’

Mike Perry blames his public dust-ups on fans “trying to clout chase.”

Mike Perry after his UFC Vegas 4 win over Mickey Gall in June 2020.
Mike Perry after his UFC Vegas 4 win over Mickey Gall in June 2020.
Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Mike Perry is no stranger to public altercations. In 2020 alone, “Platinum” made the headlines for knocking out a “drunk” man who was “harassing” him and for punching an old man at a bar in Texas.

The 30-year-old Perry already acknowledged alcohol as the root of his problems and agreed to go through behavioral and substance counseling. Now, he’s also blaming fans for “trying to clout chase” and start things up with him.

“People actually come up to me and just start shit sometimes,” Perry told MMA Junkie’s John Morgan in a recent interview. “They’re either trying to clout chase, trying to get a video — they’ve got somebody hiding behind somewhere trying to get a video — and then they come up to me and they try me, and think that I’m some influencer.

“Like I’m some Instagram influencer and that they’re gonna come up to me, and I’m not a real professional fighter. It’s not like you went up to a pro football player and tried to tackle him.”

If you happen to be anyone who has a penchant for starting trouble, Perry has this warning for you.

“I’m small. So, people come up to me, they don’t get to see all this (hard flex). I’m ripped under here. It’s power, baby. But I’m a small guy, so people come up to me and think I ain’t shit or something. And they think they can walk all over me,” he said.

“They don’t do that to the big guys – the football players and the heavyweights. They don’t go up to them and start talking shit.

“But they do it to me, and I welcome it with open arms, baby! Come and see ya boy! Say hi, be disrespectful if you want to, everything else will take care of itself.”

Last week, Perry entered a new phase of his prizefighting career and signed a multi-fight deal with Bare Knuckle FC. He may even get an immediate title shot, according to BKFC President Dave Feldman.