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GSP sends message to McGregor: You need to change your lifestyle

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre shared some advice for Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor body language breakdown

UFC icon Georges St-Pierre is highly unlikely to lace up the MMA gloves for another run in the Octagon. The 40-year-old looks to be waiting out his UFC contract, which is reportedly set to end in either 2022 or 2023, before taking on opportunities in boxing, like a contest opposite Oscar De La Hoya that the UFC previously blocked.

With him being virtually out the door with the UFC, St-Pierre seems a lot more comfortable to talk candidly about the promotion and its biggest stars. In one of his latest gab sessions, with SPORF, ‘Rush’ tackled a host of subjects including the decline of one Conor McGregor.

“Yeah, Conor McGregor, now his stock is going down,” offered St-Pierre. “He was very high in the beginning and I’m talking about in terms of, not in terms of money of promotion, in terms of status and in the rankings. Now he’s, he’s going down, his stock is going down.”

“There’s been a few fight that it’s going down a little bit,” he continued. “There is a possibility that he might come back up but I think now things does not go well for him. You need to change some of his lifestyle.”

McGregor has not won back-to-back fights since 2016 when he defeated Nate Diaz by split decision and then TKO’d Eddie Alvarez to win the UFC lightweight title.

Since then McGregor has been stripped of both those belts, lost a boxing match to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and lost in the cage to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier (twice).

His only win since 2018 was a quick TKO over Donald Cerrone in January, 2020. This year that he was TKO’d twice by Poirier, someone he beat back in 2014.

Since losing to Poirier for a second time, McGregor has upped the intensity with his online trolling. In Tweets, which are often deleted, the Irishman has threatened Poirier’s family, mocked the death of Nurmagomedov’s father, and claimed he wants to literally kill someone during an MMA bout.

As of late McGregor has also gotten into scuffles with a recording artist at the MTV VMAs and a DJ while partying in Italy. McGregor has a long history of controversies, though. Those include the infamous dolly incident at the Barclay’s Center, punching an elderly man in a pub over a glass of cheap whiskey, smashing a fan’s mobile phone and driving offences.

According to The New York Times McGregor has also been investigated over two purported sexual assaults. Though, McGregor was never charged with any crimes in relation to those investigations.

McGregor is currently healing from a broken leg suffered in his third fight with Poirier. He is expected to return to competition sometime next year.