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‘UFC and Bellator should be worried’ - Rampage Jackson says Triad Combat is ‘here to stay’

After Saturday’s inaugural Triad Combat event, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson says Triller can give the UFC and Bellator a run for their money.

Rampage Jackson was at Triller Fight Club’s Triad Combat Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Triller’s inaugural Triad Combat event is now in the books. And even if the official Fite TV PPV numbers have yet to be released, it’s already being deemed by some as a success.

Former UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, for one, liked what he saw. So much so that he says Triad Combat could give both the UFC and Bellator a run for their money.

“It’s something new. I think it’s here to stay,” Jackson told MMA Junkie after the event. “I think the UFC is gonna have… they’re gonna be worried. I think the UFC’s gonna be worried about this. I don’t know what Dana White’s response is gonna be.

“I think the UFC and Bellator should be worried right now, honestly. That’s my opinion.”

Triller head honcho Ryan Kavanaugh already began the gamesmanship with Dana White, saying he invited the UFC president for Saturday night to show “how a proper production is done.”

And of course, he had to bring up the ever-incendiary conversation about fighter pay.

“You know, Dana’s idea of a proper production is to throw up a little rusty ring, pay his fighters what we pay our ushers. You know, throw one little fight, have a guy knock the guy out, call it a night,” Kavanaugh told host Nick Cannon.

“This is what a production is... and I thought he might wanna come and learn a thing or two here. But, he can keep underpaying his fighters, taking home his own money and throwing up that rusty little ring.”

Three ex-UFC fighters took part in Triad Combat: welterweight Mike Perry won via split decision against Michael Seals despite being knocked down in the fight. Heavyweights Matt Mitrione and former champion Frank Mir co-headlined the event, with both men losing their respective bouts.