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Teofimo Lopez interrupts Kambosos, claiming he won 10-2; ‘sore loser’ gets booed and roasted

Both social media and the live audience did not like how Teofimo Lopez handled his loss to George Kambosos Jr.

Teofimo Lopez v George Kambosos Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

George Kambosos Jr. scored a massive upset over Teofimo Lopez to become the new unified lightweight champion.

After the entertaining contest, Lopez then went over as Kambosos was having his post-fight interview. The new champion started out polite and cordial but Lopez interrupted him to claim he was the rightful winner.

“You’re a true champion, forget the rest...” Kambosos said before he was interrupted.

“Hey. Hell of a fighter, but I won tonight. Everybody know that,” Lopez said before the crowd started booing. “The referee raised my hand. I won tonight. I don’t care what anybody says, yo. I won tonight! At the end of the day, I’ve been here. I’ve done that.”

“Look I ain’t no sore loser. I take my wins like I take my losses,” Lopez said.

Lopez even claimed he was ahead “11-2, uh, 10-2,” which clearly doesn’t reflect reality.

Unfortunately for him, the crowd did not agree and they made him hear the chorus of boos during that rant. Fans and professionals weren’t too kind to Lopez either as he got roasted on social media as well.