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Video: Quinton Jackson shoves Shannon Briggs backstage at Triller

Rampage Jackson might be hoping to get a payday out of a retired boxing champ.

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson shoves Shannon Briggs.
Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson shoves Shannon Briggs.
MMA Focus / YouTube

Recently Quinton Jackson announced that he’s not likely to return to MMA, stating “the thrill is not there anymore.” However, the 52-fight vet and former UFC light heavyweight champion, did say he was eager to test his skills in the boxing ring.

And the 43-year-old already has someone in mind as a potential opponent: 49-year-old former WBO heavyweight champ Shannon Briggs. Jackson recently spoke about Briggs and called him “real disrespectful”.

Apparently the pair had been beefing online before this. Triller, who are hosting Frank Mir vs. Kubrat Pulev in a triangular ring this weekend, found a way to get Jackson and Briggs in the same room recently. And of course they got exactly what they wanted out of it.

Watch below as Jackson and Briggs trade insults before the Pride vet hits Briggs with a delicate shove.

As you can see the confrontation doesn’t escalate beyond some light touching, though Briggs does drop down for a hilarious takedown attempt. The incident peters out as quickly as it begins with neither man seemingly interested in having a full blown fight for free.

Now we can wait and see if this promotion pays off with a bout at Triller in the near future, perhaps in a ring shaped like a star or an umbrella.