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Colby Covington believes he ‘clearly won’ Kamaru Usman rematch three rounds to two

“I clearly won that fight three to two. The third, fourth, and fifth round were my rounds.”

Colby Covington during his UFC 268 title fight with Kamaru Usman.
Colby Covington takes on Kamaru Usman in their welterweight title rematch at UFC 268.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC

Colby Covington refuses to accept defeat to Kamaru Usman.

‘Chaos’ insists he beat ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ three rounds to two in their welterweight title rematch at UFC 268 and is adamant that he would have won their first matchup if referee Marc Goddard didn’t stop the action in the fifth.

“I clearly won that fight three to two,” Covington told Submission Radio in a recent interview. “The third fourth and fifth round were my rounds. And even if you were looking on a different side of the scope, I think you could see me winning the first round too. It was very close and competitive. After ten rounds, the people see what happened. We fought two times. At the ten rounds, at the worst, I’m winning six rounds to four.”

“So, I think there needs to be another fight, there’s needs to be a trilogy if he stays around, if he wants to stick around. After fighting me two times I think he realizes how serious I am and how bad I want that belt. So, I don’t know if he’s willing in that octagon like I am, and I’m gonna get my shot back at him – if he doesn’t retire first. He might retire and just go ride off into the sunset. But if not, I’m looking for that Marty trilogy.”

Despite sharing a whopping 50 minutes of octagon time with Usman in two of the best welterweight title fights in UFC history, Covington just can’t find it within himself to respect a ‘cheater’.

“I can’t respect that guy. How can I respect a cheater?” Covington said. “He poked me in the fight. I was clearly poked again. Like, again. That’s the second time he’s poked me. He grabbed the cage when I was taking him down the second time. He was grabbing the fence. That’s clearly cheating. I mean, he cheated multiple times in the first fight. When did I ever cheat? Not one time did I cheat or do anything wrong in both fights.”

“I fought clean, I fought hard, I never took any breaks, and I can’t respect him,” he added. “He’s a cheater. I mean, it’s clear that he does steroids. Like, that’s what we get. That’s the best guy in the world. The CEO of EPO. He’s a supposed pound for pound chemical fucking fighter of the year. He’s got a chemical imbalance, you know, acne over his face, all over his back. Come on, dude, he lost his hairline. I made so much fun of him that Marty Juiceman gave away his hairline, he just shaved it. He’s like, ‘you know what, let me just go. It’s already halfway up my head. Let me just get this out of here, man. No more, man. I’m taking it off’. He’s bald now. He’s an ugly fucking motherfucker but it’s clear that he’s a cheater. I don’t respect a cheater.”

Covington is 0-2 against Usman but is still considered one of the best welterweights in the world and perhaps one of the greatest fighters to have never won an official UFC title.

Covington is expected to return to the octagon against ex-teammate-turned-rival Jorge Masvidal next year.