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Video 52-year-old actor takes bout in mini-cage, bites opponent, gets DQ’d

Polish TV actor Jacek Muranski filled in for his son for an MMA bout in Poland.

Jacek Muranski takes on Arkadiusz Tarcieula at Fame MMA 12.
Jacek Muranski takes on Arkadiusz Tarcieula at Fame MMA 12.

Nothing throws an MMA card into panic quite like having last minute cancellations. The tickets have been sold, the venue has been rented, and suddenly major changes are afoot. But, leave it to dad to make sure paying fans still get their money’s worth.

That’s the position that Polish TV actor Jacek Muranski found himself in recently, when his son Mateusz Muranski was forced to withdraw from his spot at Fame MMA 12. At 52-years-old, it seems the elder Muranski had been angling to make his debut for some time, having recently called out rapper and ‘freak fight’ regular Paweł ‘Popek Monster’ Mikołajuw to meet him in the cage.

“Popek is a Judas,” Muranski reportedly said before his bout at Fame MMA 12 (via The Mirror), going on to seemingly insinuate that Mikołajuw was effectively braindead.

So, when the opportunity came to jump in against his son’s opponent, Social Media celebrity and MMA fighter Arkadiusz Tańcula, Jacek stepped up to the plate. From which point it seems he made a complete mess of things.

Trapped in just a 9’x9’ cage for five two-minute rounds, Tancula started tagging Muranski with shots early and often. To the point that after jumping on a guillotine late in round 3, Muranski decided to try and really swing momentum in his favor, biting Turanski on the shoulder and forcing the referee to pause the action and issue a point deduction.

That’s right, while Muranski may have eventually been DQ’d early in round 4 for cage grabbing, the action didn’t end with the bite itself.

Check out the video of this unabashed shitshow below.

Given that Tancula’s fight with the younger Muranski was supposed to be a rematch of a bout Tancula won back in May of this year, he’s now one of the only fighters in the world who can put victories over both father and son on his resume. A wild claim to fame if ever there was one.