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Head kick KO leg break?! Watch MMA fighter suffer nasty injury, but still win by KO


From Anderson Silva to Chris Weidman to Conor McGregor, we’ve seen our share of nasty leg breaks in MMA and kickboxing through the years. This latest one is pretty unique though. Instead of the break happening from a kick being checked and defended, the injury occured from a fight ending head kick finish.

This past weekend in Fargo, North Dakota, Dylan Kiskila fought Kai Duque in an amateur MMA event called Captains Fight Club. Kiskila did well and landed a clean and powerful head kick early in the first round, dropping his opponent and prompting the referee to step in.

What was a bit hard to see on first glance though, was how Kiskila actually broke his leg with the fight ending kick. He tried to move in and follow up with strikes, but as the referee steps in to call it, Kiskila also collapses on the floor with a pretty nasty leg break.

MMA Fighting was in contact with Kiskila, who says he broke his tibia as his “shin literally wrapped around [Duque’s] head.”

Kiskila was still awarded the victory despite the particularly gruesome leg injury.

Watch the video of the rare and nasty finish below.