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Conor McGregor explains why he deletes his tweets... then deletes those tweets too

We’re finally getting to the bottom of Conor McGregor’s tweet-and-delete game.

Just like one of his troubled colleagues, Conor McGregor has made a habit out of posting something on Twitter, then deleting it afterward. It’s been a trend of his for a while now, but unfortunately for him, everything stays permanent on the internet.

Recently, “The Notorious” posted a tweet that criticized the Irish government for the country’s COVID situation. That, too, was unsurprisingly nuked from current existence, but “Irish political commentator” Robert Burke was able to take snaps of it.

McGregor later responded to Burke to explain why he plays the tweet-and-delete game. And according to him, it’s to keep the “negativity” out of his social media timeline.

H/T: Sport Bible

One of McGregor’s most notable deleted tweets of recent memory happened just this past weekend during the UFC Vegas 42 headliner between Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez. The Irishman posted a clip of him staring the television down bare-chested as Holloway was introduced.

But again, you can count on the people online to keep the receipts.

McGregor hasn’t fought since he broke his leg at UFC 264 in his third fight against Dustin Poirier.