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WTF - Practical Kung Fu, Dambe firefight, Sumo, SlapFIGHT, and Sambo highlights

Wonder what the people behind Miller-Boyett productions are up to now? Huh.

No, this is always amazing. Always.

Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns has a real gem this week, with a few examples poor use of Kung Fu... but also some examples of it being used effectively. Four situations are highlighted, and it should be noted before watching that only one of them is a hand-to-hand scenario. It’s a really illuminating and fun thing to check out:

Got some new Dambe Warriors content fresh off the press, too. In this bout, they really sock it to each other. It’s a wild one, with tons of back and forth action. It ends in a bit of an odd manner, but the celebration was excellent and ends with a great display of sportsmanship.

This other one is noteworthy for another reason... inactivity. The encounter begins as a very tense one with a lot of feinting and some attempted strikes, but the ref literally steps in and dishes out some money for them to get off the field and let the next contestants duke it out. Whether or not that affects them getting any future fights, I don’t know. But it shows that they’re really not playing around. The pair looked promising, but stalled a bit and got bounced. Dambe always has some surprises.

Next up, STRELKA. This bout starts off normal enough, punches to a clinch. After it hits the ground, the dude on top goes ham and the fight gets stopped due to the guy on the bottom not being able to fight back. Peep the loser’s face once he gets back to his corner, though. He’s got a scar that Jose Aldo would find admirable.

Next up is two skinny dudes that get into an ugly clinch but a really vicious finish:

Kabaddi is on the menu, with a spirited performance from this bald cat that sprinkles his slap-wrestles with a dash of festive jumps reminiscent of the legendary Balki Bartokomous. You can play the song in conjunction with this video, it syncs up... perfectly.

SlapFIGHT is back, and in prime form. Check out this heavyweight battle with a savage first round. Simply awed at the power some of these cats are packing:

Come for the bout, stick around for the surreal special effects in the replays. Marvelous.

Sumo action is also underway, and here’s some highlights of Day 1 of the Kyuushu Basho.

Part 1:

As well as part 2:

Finally, some Sambo World Championship highlights. All of this is purely delicious.

That’s it for this week, kids. Stand tall on the wings of your dreams or whatever.

And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.