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Alexander Volkanovski: Max Holloway’s legacy will be ‘tarnished’ if he goes 0-3 against me

UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski speaks about a potential third fight with Max Holloway.

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UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski continues to have his apprehensions about Max Holloway’s career. He already believes the former champ is taking too much damage, and now, he’s a bit doubtful that a third fight between them will happen.

In a recent YouTube video he uploaded, Volkanovski explained why he believes it wouldn’t be wise for Holloway to take another loss.

“This might rattle a few feathers, but I’m gonna leave you with this: Am I saying he’s scared? Maybe,” he said. “But I want yous to hear me out here.

“For Max, this is a big deal. You fight me again and lose, and go 0-3 against me in the featherweight division in your prime — Max in his prime — you talk about legacy, your name isn’t in GOAT conversations anymore.

“It’s in GOAT conversations now. People are still… even though he’s 0-2 against me, there’s still people throwing his name in the GOAT conversation. He loses again, we know, no more. Your legacy in the featherweight division, tarnished.

“Let’s be real. 0-3, in your prime, that doesn’t look good.”

Holloway has so far nullified his two losses to Volkanovski with his two wins in 2021 alone. And while that third fight with Volkanovski is on the table, the proud Hawaiian is also looking at a potential rematch with Conor McGregor.