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Donald Cerrone announces combat jiu-jitsu ‘super fight’ against Craig Jones

Donald Cerrone gives an update on what he’s up to these days.

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from Donald Cerrone. Cowboy’s most recent Octagon appearance happened at UFC Vegas 26 in May against Alex Morono, where he lost via first-round TKO.

These days, the 38-year-old veteran continues to compete, but on a different platform. In a recent YouTube video he uploaded on his channel, Cerrone announced his next gig: a combat jiu-jitsu “super fight” against grappling superstar Craig Jones.

“Cancun, December 19th against Craig Jones. This isn’t like just stepping in and doing a little grappling tournament. This is going to the top. Should be fun.”

The matchup came about after Cerrone got the call from Eddie Bravo himself. It will be his first dive into combat jiu-jitsu, and he already expects it to be a fun one.

“Eddie Bravo called me. He wants me to take a super fight against hands down the baddest Jiu-Jitsu artist around right now. But it’s combat jiu-jitsu, so there’s palm striking,” he said.

“It’s wrestling until you hit the ground and it’s palm striking and jiu-jitsu. Which will be fun. Hopefully, I can negate a heel hook by palm striking the face.

“It’s fun to get something fired up and then use all that fired up energy and run it right into a fight. I’ll be in shape, ready to rock.”

Cerrone has nothing but respect for Jones, whom he already had the pleasure of training with during the recent TUF season.

“It’s hard to find somebody to emulate his style. He’s one of the best, if not hands down the best, especially leg locks. And his rear-naked game is very impressive.

“He’s good. Really good,” Cerrone said of Jones. “But he’s sitting there telling his friends, ‘Cowboy’s good, too.’”