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Justin Gaethje: It’s ‘comical,’ Conor McGregor keeps picking up ‘my sloppy seconds’

Justin Gaethje takes a jab at Conor McGregor for angling for fights against guys he already beat.

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Justin Gaethje hasn’t been shy about his dislike towards Conor McGregor. He takes jabs at “The Notorious” when he gets the chance, and he once again did so during a recent sitdown with TMZ Sports.

This time, “The Highlight” aimed at the Irish UFC star for wanting to fight guys he’d already beaten.

“I don’t ever want to talk like this ‘cause I hate to do it. Cowboy is someone I wanna hang around with for the rest of my life. I don’t want to disrespect him in any way. Chandler doesn’t deserve it. Ferguson doesn’t deserve it,” Gaethje said.

“But to me, it feels like we’re in grade school and Conor McGregor’s following me around, trying to pick up all my sloppy seconds. Is that not what’s happening? And I find it so hilarious.

“I hate to say it because, again, it’s disrespectful to the opponents that I beat. But I fought Cowboy, then he wants to fight Cowboy. I just beat up Chandler, now he wants to fight Chandler. He will never say my name. And Ferguson’s on the list now, too.

“I just find that comical. It just feels like he’s walking around, picking up my scraps.”

A fight between Gaethje and McGregor isn’t something that’s often talked about these days. And if you ask Gaethje, it likely never happens.

“Do I want to make his face look like Tony Ferguson’s and Michael Chandler’s? Absolutely. Will he ever allow that? No. He has way too many smart people around this dude. And he’s not a dumbass.

“He might knock me out. Oliveira might knock me out. Poirier might knock me out. But they have to pray to God that they land that shot.”

Gaethje is a week and a half removed from his potential 2021 Fight of the Year banger with Michael Chandler at UFC 268, which he won via decision.