Fast 5er (Daniel Rodriguez)

Welcome to a new series I'm calling Fast 5er. In each entry, I'll profile a different fighter from around the combat sports world. If you prefer video click here.

In the very first entry, I focus on rising UFC welterweight Daniel Rodriguez. D-Rod has had a fascinating life, while viewing from the outside. The California native was an easy choice to be the first fighter featured, and doing research has made me an even bigger fan. Enough blabbing, here's 5 interesting facts you may not know about Daniel Rodriguez.

5) A documentary in the works. Daniel has been busy in, and out of the cage. Rodriguez has been working on a documentary of his his life, and it's expected to be released in the near future. The current title is "Up and Coming".

4) Rodriguez has only been finished once in his pro fighting career. The finish came at the hands of Lucius Johnson in 2015. The bout was not an MMA affair, but a pro boxing match. D-Rod has not been finished in 23 total MMA fights.

3) Daniel appeared, and won a bout on Dana White's contender series. Rodriguez won the fight via unanimous decision over Rico Farrington, but did not secure a contract that night. Seven months later, he was signed to the promotion.

2) 200-0 in street/jail fights? Seems extreme, but according to the man himself that's his record.

1) Daniel and cannabis. D-Rod uses cannabis as a training tool during the day, and a sleep aid at night. Although I'm no pro athlete, I can relate. In an article recently published by The Growth Op, Rodriguez reveals his cannabis use, and how it helps him in all facets of his life.

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