Automated Scoring for Mixed Martial Arts

The subjective nature of Scoring in mixed martial arts is often controversial causing many to argue about more objective scoring methods. In the near future however, automation may be the best option through the use of visual analysis programs. This would not only reduce controversy but also enable radical changes for enhancing the aesthetics and safety of the sport. Such programs would enable a scoring system that issues points freely rather than scoring individual rounds. Points could be issued based on positioning, include run rules to prevent gratuitous violence and have multipliers derived from statistics. Visual analysis programs would be able to generate their own statistics and would even be able to gauge the effectiveness of striking better than human observers within a short period of advancement.

This would greatly alleviate some of the most frustrating aspects of the sport, such as: slow paced grappling with few strikes, position changes and submission attempts, fighters who rely on the fact that there are no kicks to grounded opponents or groin shots and linger in "safe" positions, or the utter hilarity of downward punching and hammerfists that often ensues after a knockdown. Standing strikes to grounded opponents could be completely removed, after a knock down the standing opponent may attempt to end the fight by skirting upkicks, passing guard and maintaining such a dominant position that the fight is ended by run rule or they could back away and and collect points until the grounded fighter gets back up. The ability such systems to replace judges completely and improve satisfaction is undoubtedly a matter of time. The willingness of organizations and athletics systems to embrace them is likely more complicated, however it seems like we may be less than a decade away from a sport free of human judges and the inconsistency and controversy they bring.

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